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Our company successfully passed the quality management system supervision and audit

Writer:dzsjjqSource:dzsjjq Number of visits: Date:2012-10-15

October 12-13, China Quality Certification Center in Shandong audit center sent the audit team, the management system of our company to carry out the supervision and audit.
The purpose of this review is to evaluate the compliance and effectiveness of the implementation, maintenance and operation of the quality management system in our company. Audit sampling audit, the audit department, including the quality inspection department, the Department of technology, office, warehouse management department, production department and other departments. Audit group of experts after careful review, agreed that our company can establish, maintain and implement quality management system in accordance with GB / T19001-2008 standard requirements of, the company quality policy, objectives in each department to obtain the effective implementation, system planning and operation to meet the requirements of the standard, a effective process control, product quality control and meet the user's requirements. The audit team finally concluded that the company's management system to maintain and operate continuously and effectively, agreed to our company to continue to maintain and use China Quality Certification Center certification and certification mark.
This audit, the audit team made recommendations for rectification, these recommendations have been issued under the responsibility of the Department for rectification. The audit will effectively promote improvement of the quality management system of the company, but also requires all departments in accordance with the audit group made suggestions for improvement, corrective and preventive measures, and constantly improve the quality of operation of the company's quality management system, to improve the product design, manufacturing quality provide protection.

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