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Dezhou Sanjia machine to send holiday blessings

Writer:dzsjjqSource:dzsjjq Number of visits: Date:2012-06-21

"The palm, the kitchen. Argyi incense, incense mantang. Peach sticks inserted in the door, go out a look wheat son yellow. Dragon Boat Festival here, where the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival everywhere." This nursery rhyme singing is China's traditional Dragon Boat Festival.
In the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, China is a traditional folk festival, Dragon Boat Festival, it is the Chinese traditional festivals. The Dragon Boat Festival also known as the end of five, the Dragon Boat festival. In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival has many nicknames, such as: Good afternoon, section, section 5, may day, bath orchid festival, daughter of festival, day festival, La, poet Festival, dragon, and so on. Although the name is different, but generally speaking, the customs of the people around the festival is still the same as more than the same.
During the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, Dezhou Sanjia machine all the staff for the new and old customers to send blessings!
My company since its inception, has been committed to the "relying on science and technology innovation and technological innovation to seek business development" of the road. Through continuous expansion, production capacity has by established an annual output of 5 jumped to now more than 100 sets, product category is a single product from the initial increase to now more than ten kinds, machining diameter by minimum 3 mm to present maximum 1600 mm, depth of up to 20 meters, covering almost the all areas of deep hole processing.
Our company has always been adhering to the "quality first, customer first" principle, the quality of the products in the domestic enterprises in the same industry has remained the leading level, has passed the ISO9000, ISO9001 quality system certification, the products sell well all over the country, and exported to Singapore, Ukraine, Iran, Nigeria and other countries, the scope of sales continue to expand.
By Dragon Boat Festival this traditional festival, I wish the new and old customers happy holidays, business! And warmly welcome new and old customers come to visit to discuss!

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