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Three aspects of the development of CNC machine tool industry

Writer:dzsjjqySource:China Machine Tool B Number of visits: Date:2012-03-21

China machine tool business network news: machine tool manufacturers continue to promote new products, to help the tool manufacturers and grinding plant to improve work efficiency and reduce costs. In order to improve the utilization rate of machine tools and reduce the labor cost, automation has been paid more and more attention. At the same time, through the development of software to enable the machine to expand the operation of the function, and in the production of small quantities and short delivery cycle, economic arrangements for the production schedule. In addition, increasing the power of the machine tool, so that it can adapt to the diverse needs of the grinding tool and broaden the range of specifications. In the future, the development of CNC tool grinding machine is mainly reflected in three aspects: 1, automation: tools manufacturing plant production of new tools, due to large quantities, so high efficiency. But there is no such condition in the tool grinding plant, only through the automation to solve the efficiency problem. Tool repair does not require the machine to achieve unmanned operation, but I hope that an operator can take care of multiple machine tools in order to control the cost of. 2, high precision: many manufacturers to reduce operating time as a primary objective, but other manufacturers have put the quality of parts in the most important position (such as high precision cutting tool and medical parts manufacturers). With the improvement of the grinding machine production technology, the newly developed machine tool can ensure very strict tolerances and exceptional finish. 3, the application software development: now the factory to the automation of grinding, the higher the better, regardless of the production batch size, the key problem is to realize the flexible. International model assist secretary-general Luo Baihui said the association tool committee work in recent years, including efforts to establish a set of the cutter and the grinding wheel automatic loading and unloading system, in order to realize grinding process of unattended or minimize custody. He stressed that the increasing importance of software reason is: the ability to complex tool of high level of workers in a decrease in the number of manual mill. In addition, the hand made tool is difficult to meet the requirements of modern machine tool for cutting speed and precision. Compared with CNC grinding, hand grinding will reduce the quality and consistency of the cutting edge. Because manual grinding, the tool is to rely on the support, grinding wheel grinding direction of the cutting edge, which will produce the edge of the burr. The CNC grinding is the opposite, when the work is not supported by the blade, the direction of the cutting edge of the cutting edge, it will not produce the edge of the burr. As long as a good grasp of CNC tool grinding machine in the future these three directions, can be in the world of the tide in a firm foothold. Article link: China machine tool business network

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