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Fire prevention responsibility, everyone always remember

Writer:dzsjjqSource:dzsjjq Number of visits: Date:2012-09-16

September 12, a fire at a garment factory in Pakistan, due to the site without adequate water and fire facilities, the fire brigade go all out to 15 hours to completely stop the fire, but eventually nearly 300 people could not escape the disaster. In view of this, in September 16th, our company for the office building and the implementation of the safety and fire safety measures
First of all, the organization staff to learn the use of dry powder fire extinguishers, and check the performance of the fire extinguishers everywhere!
Followed by the company posted a clear location in the fire warning:
Hidden dangers in the fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, responsibility weightier than Mount Tai
Fire safety often grasp, grasping and not tight, equal to do not catch
Fire safety is the guarantee of happiness, hidden dangers to protect the security of fire safety
Don't throw cigarette butts, fire stretched
Enterprises to develop, fire safety is to protect
These popular and easy to understand and look at the heart of the warning language has become the basis for the safety of fire.
In the end, the rescue measures after the fire were studied.
The main thing is to have a good psychological quality, failing to panic, the flames will be extinguished in the primary stage of fire
Fire prevention is a great responsibility for the enterprise, related to the interests of the enterprise, it is more important to the health of the people! So I hope everyone keeps on guard!

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