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To improve their own competitiveness, to adapt to the development trend of machine tool industry in Dezhou Sanjia Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd

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With the emergence of new technologies, new materials and new technology and the overall demand of the domestic and foreign markets, modern CNC machine tools have emerged and the structure and characteristics of the traditional CNC machine tools. Despite the high precision, high speed, integrated, intelligent multi function has become the development trends of the world machine tool industry recognized and goal, but the domestic and foreign famous CNC machine tool enterprises due to the different cultural background, way of development and market positioning factors, forming a distinctive products series.
An invincible position in the fierce competition in the world market, become truly "powerful manufacturing country", it is China's machine tool manufacturing enterprise must set up "to the user as the center" business philosophy, to meet the needs of users to help users to solve problems, to service-oriented manufacturing change. As a professional manufacturer of deep drilling equipment, Texas Sanjia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to adapt to the development trend of the machine tool industry and improved in the following several aspects.
1, independent innovation, key technologies and components to achieve independent research and development production
The current development of China's machine tool industry has a considerable problem, is in the high-end equipment, key parts and components are heavily dependent on imported, domestic production is dominated by medium and low-end equipment, which in the long run is not conducive to the healthy development of China's machine tool industry. Therefore, China's machine tool manufacturing enterprises should continue to innovate, independent research and development, and strive to key components and key technologies made in china. In order to enhance the intensity of technological competition, Texas Sanjia machine specially set up has been dominated by technology research and development and independent innovation products R & D team, the team members have more than ten years of design experience, this is my company's technological innovation, new product development and laid a solid foundation. I have produced deep hole drilling and boring machine for fine workmanship, high precision, by new and old customers!
2, to the customer as the center, tailored to provide personalized service to customers
The realization of the machine tool industry manufacturing service is a core, is to take the customer as the center, according to customer demand, tailored, and actively provide customers with the required personalized service. Texas Sanjia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd has a skilled, can according to customer requirements of the workpiece to provide the most suitable product sales team, all for the sake of customers, and strive to provide customers with the best quality, the most precise production equipment.
3, the implementation of the two fusion strategy, accelerate the transformation of the information technology of machine tool enterprises
Should adhere to the new road to industrialization, and vigorously promote the integration of information technology and industrialization. To develop equipment manufacturing industry, it is necessary to make active use of information technology and high technology, and to make progress towards comprehensive information. Machine tool enterprises should actively carry out the transformation of information, to realize the automation of manufacturing process and flexible, ecological, personalized, diversified.
4, improve the industrial chain, improve the allocation of resources and use efficiency of machine tool enterprises to adapt to changes in market demand
Perfect heavy-duty, large machine and other products supporting development, the formation of a sound industrial chain, for the national energy, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation, military, transportation and other pillar industries to provide strong support.
5, the scale of development, improve product reliability, stability and precision
To truly have the world's competitiveness, enterprises must have a certain scale. At present, large number of machine tool enterprises in China, in addition to Shenyang, Dalian machine tool machine tool and a few enterprises, the vast majority of machine tool enterprise widespread small-scale, resulting in the scattered resources, industry concentration and concentration difference, the overall competition ability is weak, difficult to work with foreign large enterprises. Therefore, to speed up the integration of the resources of the machine tool industry and enterprise restructuring, the establishment of a certain size of the machine tool enterprises.
With the rapid development of aerospace, electronics, military and other industries, for machine reliability, precision and stability requirements more and more high, the domestic machine tool to enhance market shares in the industry must be to improve its reliability, stability and precision.

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