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Dezhou Sanjia machine service commitment to customer service

Writer:dzsjjqSource:dzsjjq Number of visits: Date:2012-07-17

Dear user:
You are welcome to use our company's products. "Customer first, dedication and sincerity to the letter, continuous improvement" is our company's policy and objectives. In order to make our machine tool effective for you, before you use my company, please read carefully the "user manual" and other random to bring you the relevant information.
In order to make our products meet your satisfaction and trust, first-class service for customer service. We hereby make the following commitments to you:
1 my company machine from the issued purchase invoice date, you have to enjoy our warranty service. Please tear the "user warranty card" along the cut line and fill in the user's card. Under normal operating conditions, the company is free to repair and replace spare parts for you within one year.
2. Within the warranty period machine failure, you first click "use instructions," the matters needing attention in the relevant provisions of the control treatment, if the fault can not rule out, invite people, call us, email us or fax to contact with us, after receipt of the notice, we will within 48 hours to reply or send service personnel, and to ensure fault in a timely manner to eliminate, the normal operation of the machine tool.
3 when you buy my company's products, if you need to debug, we can free of charge for you (the plane or the contract with the exception).
4 due to the transportation, storage, power supply voltage, environmental problems or failure caused by the operation of the manual operation, the warranty period is not within the scope of the warranty period.
5 after the warranty expires, I will be the most favorable price for you to repair or replace spare parts, but no matter what the situation, you will enjoy our lifetime service.
6 for heavy machine tools or special plane products, we will strictly implement the user supervision system and the company's acceptance system.
Dezhou Sanjia Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
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