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Iran customers to visit the company

Writer:dzsjjqSource:YC Number of visits: Date:2012-08-14

In August 13th, Dezhou Sanjia machine received two clients from Iran.
First of all, the Iran customer visited our production workshop, to understand our production equipment and production status. In the introduction of foreign trade manager, a preliminary understanding of the size of our company and the scope of production,
In August 14th, in the company conference room, the Iran customer and our company technical department high work and the foreign trade manager to want to purchase the equipment to carry on the concrete discussion. Customers are mainly on our deep hole drilling and boring machine to understand, in the technical staff of the explanation, the customer of the machine have a preliminary understanding, foreign trade manager mainly for installation, acceptance and after-sales service to customers to explain in detail, the perfect customers to my company's products and pre-sales, sale and after-sales service affirmed, and reached a preliminary consensus!
The following is my company's foreign trade manager on the product to explain to customers:

Here is a photo of the technical staff and Iran customers;

Finally, Mr. Shi Honggang, general manager of the company and customer photo:

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