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Do the best equipment, we have been trying -- Dezhou Sanjia Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd

Writer:dzsjjqSource:dzsjjq Number of visits: Date:2012-07-05

As a result of the shortage in the whole system of research and development, to think in the short term to enhance the level of domestic CNC machine tool industry is difficult, to fan out from point to area, first in some key application areas to achieve a breakthrough. In the case of automobile, at present the domestic high-end CNC machine tool although in individual vehicle production line has been used, but in FAW, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other automotive bibcock enterprise leading products of key parts and components production line, also did not achieve a breakthrough.
The large number of imports, China's machine tool product structure is still unable to meet the domestic market demand for high-end. In imported products, China's machine tool parts, cutting tools, such as a lot of imports, which shows that the bottleneck phenomenon of functional components has not yet been significantly changed. Our company is the main production of deep hole drilling and boring machine, we in order to meet the needs of more customers, in the parts of the machine tool are to choose the best, such as our CNC system will generally choose Siemens, FANUC.
In this regard, our country has always stressed the strong, rather than just the bigger. The so-called strong should be reflected in the following aspects, one is the strong technical. Two is a strong management, three is the product is strong, four is the production of strong, five is the management of strong. Dezhou Sanjia machine although cannot achieve surface giant strong, but in the technology, production and customer service are guaranteed. We have more than ten people's design team, 5 of which have senior professional titles, are engaged in the work of the same industry for several years, experience rich, this ensures that the technology is strong. At the same time we have a strong after-sales team, our commitment is: to ensure that the user received a telephone or fax within 2 hours after the reply, 5 days of repair or replacement is completed, the failure does not rule out, personnel do not evacuate;
Equipment three packs a year, lifelong maintenance, 100% parts supply.
At the same time, the equipment must have independent brand. In this regard, Dezhou Sanjia machines have to apply for trademark registration, and has already begun trial.
With an independent brand, with a high gold content of the equipment, we can also compete with the world's well-known brands, for the development of China's deep hole processing industry to do a little bit of power!

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