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  • Name: TGK25/TGK35 deep hole SRB machine
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  • Add Time: 2013-02-23
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 Techincal information of TGK25/TGK35

CNC Deep-hole Skiving &Roller Burnishing Machine

Main Specifications and Features

SPECIFICATION                                           TECHNICAL DATA

                                                           TGK25           TGK35

Max. boring dia.                                     Φ250mm          Φ350mm
 Max. boring depth                                       1-5m

Workpiece clamped dia. range                      Φ60—Φ350mm    Φ100—Φ450mm

Range of spindle speed(drilling box)                    100--960r/min     160--1000r/min

Feed speed rangeinfinte                                    5--2000mm/min   
 Carriage rapid-moving speed                          2m/min

Drilling box motor power                                 60kW

Hydraulic motor power                             1.5kW, n=1440r/min

Carriage rapid motor power                            4kW

Feed motor power                                             5.5kW           7.5kW

Cool motor power                                       22kW

Rated pressure of cooling system                        2.5MPa
 Flow of cooling system                                     380l/min

Rated working pressure for hydraulic system                    6.3MPa

Oil cooler grant bearing max. axial force               6.3KN

Oil cooler grant max. preload for workpiece        20KN

The machine is suitable for boring and roller burnishing of the hydraulic cylinder workpieces. After process, the diameter precision of the workpieces can reach IT8-IT9, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.2-Ra0.4μm after roller burnishing.

The machine is mated with Siemens or Fanuc CNC controller and the boring box is mated with servo spindle motor. The spindle has stepless speed with high accuracy for its bearing and high rigidity. The feedbox adopts servo motor and high accuracy ball screw, while the whole casting of the bed and double rectangle guide ways assure its high rigidity, and the machine is also mated with chip conveyer with good leak-proof performance. The coolant filter adopts three steps filtration in the accuracy up to 50μm.

Mated with automatic sizing combined tools, the machine is ideal deep-hole process equipment with high accuracy and high efficiency. For instance, to process a inner hole with a diameter of Φ160:diameter allowance 1mm (after rough process), feed speed can reach 500~1250mm/min;the roughness can reach Ra0.2-0.4μm,the size accuracy can reach IT8~IT9,the process allowance of the three combined tools for diameter can reach 10mm,and the process efficiency can reach 150~350mm/min. The process efficiency is 3-5 times of the traditional deep-hole machine.

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