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  • Name: TS2116 deep hole drilling machine
  • Number: a1001
  • Add Time: 2013-02-23
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The machine is specialized in processing deep cylindrical workpiece equipment, such as machine tool spindle hole, all kinds of machinery and hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder cylindrical through holes, blind holes and stepped holes. The machine tool can not only bear the drilling and boring, but also can carry on the rolling process. Internal chip removal method. The machine tool rigidity, good precision.
Spindle speed range, feed system driven by AC servo motor, can adapt to the needs of a variety of deep processing technology. Hydraulic device, instrument display, safety and reliability.
The machine tool for a series of products, but also in accordance with the needs of customers to provide a variety of deformation products.
Main technical parameters:
Scope of work
The hole diameter range 25 ~ -  55mm
Bore diameter range of 40 ~ 160mm 
The maximum depth of bore - 1-12m (each meter of a specification)
Chuck clamping diameter range - 30 ~ 220mm
Spindle part
High spindle center - - - - - - - - - - - 250mm
The headstock spindle nose taper - Phi 38
Spindle speed range of the head of a bed -- 5 ~ 1250r/min; stepless
Feed part
Feed speed range -- -- -- 5-500mm/min; stepless
Fast moving speed - 2m/min plate
Motor part
Main motor power -- -- -- -- 15kW variable frequency speed regulation
Hydraulic pump motor power - - - 1.5kW
Fast moving motor power - - - - 3 kW
Feed motor power -- -- -- -- 3.6kW
Cooling pump motor power - - 5.5kWX2+7.5kW x 1
Other part
Guide rail width -- -- -- -- 500mm
Rated pressure of cooling system - 2.5MPa/4MPa
Flow rate of cooling system -- 100, 200, 300L/min
Rated working pressure of hydraulic system -- 6.3MPa
Oil feeder to bear the maximum axial force - - - - 68kN
The maximum force of the oil feeder on the work piece -- 20 kN

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